APIs & Webhooks

LeanIX supports a range of APIs and developer offerings to get the most out of the platform. This page provides an intro to the Integration API, further available REST & GraphQL APIs, Webhooks as well as the Custom Report framework.

LeanIX Integration API

The Integration API is the default way to bring data into VSM, combining ease of use for developers with flexible mapping to the data model, as well as enterprise-ready features like logging.

The extensive documentation can be found here - there is also a direct link on how to use the REST Endpoint. You can also use the admin section in your VSM workspace to get started.

Further APIs

Beside the Integration API, LeanIX offers a variety of other REST & GraphQL APIs based on best-practice authentication via OAuth.




In order to save resources based on potential high load, webhooks might be deactivated by default. Please get in touch if you want to discuss use cases.

In order to react to changes in the data, LeanIX offers flexible Webhooks to react to events - leveraging both PUSH and PULL technology to also support enterprise environments.

Custom Report Framework

The Custom Report Framework allows developers to add custom visualizations easily build on a state-of-the-art JavaScript stack.

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