User Management & SSO

VSM offers a variety of capabilities that allow easy embedding it into a typical corporate setup.

User Management

VSM provides different ways to manage your users, ranging from manually to API-based. We support best practices like SSO and SCIM as well to allow for enterprise-ready integration.


SSO is an invaluable and established standard to provide a secure and convenient login. See Single Sign-ON for all the details.


([SCIM] is an open standard to manage user identities. In addition to SSO, it allows syncing additional attributes like departments into VSM, and supports login-independent use cases, e.g. user offboarding. See SCIM Access for all the details

Restrict access to data

Microservice Intelligence supports two powerful ways to restrict access to data. Virtual Workspaces support an ACL-based data segmentation, allowing to restrict read and write permissions based on properties of the data (e.g. the uploaded Microservices). In addition, the

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