Cloud Foundry

Like Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry is an open-source multi-cloud application Platform-as-a-Service framework that is driven by an active community, and distributed by several vendors like VMWare Tanzu (former Pivotal). The abstraction level is slightly higher than with Kubernetes, aiming to help companies with rapid application development & deployment.

There are two ways how users can integrate Cloud Foundry information with VSM:

  • At deploy time - then the use case is very similar to CI/CD
  • At runtime - then similar to Kubernetes & OpenShift, it's more about understanding architectural drift and non-functional aspects like scalability.


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Connect at deploy time

One way to deploy an application to Cloud Foundry is via CLI cf push (see the developer documentation ). At deploy time, there are several artifacts available, e.g.

Both artefacts can be easily converted into a JSON, and send to LeanIX using the Integration API

Connect at runtime

In addition, Cloud Foundry offers APIs like list-deployments, making it easy to extract central information and feed core metrics like Deployment Frequency. Also here the Integration API allows for a very straightforward upload into LeanIX.