Diagrams present a more flexible way of visualizing your data as well as enhance the visualization by drawing sketches, connections and architecture languages.

To start creating a diagram navigate to the diagram section at the top and select new diagram.


There are three types of diagrams that allow you to visualize your data flow:

  1. With Free Draw you can make use of live data from your Inventory and draw up custom reporting
  2. A Data Flow diagram is a way to insert and expand microservices by traversing their APIs to understand the flow of data in your environment.
  3. If you already have a Lucidchart account, you are able to create a new diagram using this integration and link it automatically back to LeanIX.

You can also save diagrams for permanent use (see section "Save Diagrams- Do not lose your changes). Please note that a diagram always represents the view when it was saved "last-time-saved view". This might differ from a current view of the architecture, if changes to the architecture happened after the diagram was saved (see below "Check for updates" how to refresh the view).


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