Handling of Cloud Tags

Learn how Tags and Labels from AWS, Azure and GCP can be used for easy filtering and high visibility


As part of the scan of your public cloud environment all tags (AWS, Azure) respectively labels (GCP) will be imported into the system for each Compute Environment and Cloud Account discovered.



For easier readability, we will use the term "Tag", understanding that the term "Label" is used in GCP.

Tags are used in four different ways by the Public Cloud Integration for Value Stream Management:

  1. Automatically name Cloud Resources
  2. Discover the Software Artifacts a Cloud Resource belongs to based on selected tag groups
  3. Easily filter by and prominently display specific tag groups in the inventory
  4. Display all cloud tags for Cloud Resources

1. Automatically name Cloud Resources

If a Name tag is assigned to a Cloud Resource in the cloud environment, the resulting Fact Sheet in the Value Stream Management workspace will be named accordingly. Resources without such a tag will be named according to the (typically more technical) name set in the cloud environment.

2. Discover & Map Software Artifacts

Once configured, tags can be used to identify Software Artifacts referenced in the cloud environment, and to establish an automated mapping. Please refer to Software Artifact Mapping for details.

3. Filter by & Prominently Display Selected Tags

The Public Cloud Integration can be configured to import selected tags from the cloud environment into the system as "LeanIX tags", allowing to display them prominently and to use for filtering in the inventory:

For this, please:

  1. Go to Administration > Integrations > Public Cloud Integration > Configure
  2. Configure the whitelist of tag groups to import into the Value Stream Management workflow in the configuration (where you also configured the Cloud Accounts) using the configuration snippet shown below.
"workflowConfiguration": {
        "tagWhitelist": [
            "<tag key 1>",
            "<tag key n>"

For example, if you add a tag environment: production to all virtual machines that belong to your production environment in AWS, and a tag "department: product" to all Azure Resource Groups belonging to your product department, you can display this information prominently and make this available for easy filtering using the following tag whitelist:


Configuration with an example tag whitelist

In the inventory, this will result in the following:


Inventory with a search based on tags, and displaying imported cloud tags


Filtering based on Tag Groups

To enable filtering by a specific tag groups, please use the "Manage Filter" functionality in the left panel, to select the tag groups(s) to use for filtering.

4. Display All Cloud Tags

For all Compute Environments extracted from the cloud environment, the tags assigned in the respective Cloud Environment are being displayed in the subsection "Cloud Tags" in the Fact Sheet detail view.
Also for Cloud Accounts of type "AWS Account", "Azure Resource Group" and "GCP Project" the tags are displayed in the detail view.


Tag details on a Compute Environment