Public Cloud

The Public Cloud integration loads data about Compute Environments from your public cloud environments with AWS, Azure and GCP.


Integrate with your Public Cloud Environments to:

  • capture information about your Compute Environments hosted in the cloud
  • gain transparency about your Cloud Account structure
  • automatically discover Software Artifacts based on tags/labels on both Compute Environments and Cloud Accounts

The Public Cloud Integration provides visibility into the key services from the three cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Please see our list of supported cloud services for details.



LeanIX's Public Cloud integration is agent-less and does not require any installation of a plugin in your cloud environment.



Configure the Public Cloud Integration

  1. In your VSM workspace go to 'Administration > Integrations',
  2. find the 'Public Cloud Integration' tab and click the 'Configure' button
  3. follow the instructions to connect to your AWS, Azure and/or GCP environment;
  4. setup the necessary mapping for your Software Artifacts;
  5. gain transparency about your cloud spend; and
  6. take the most out of Cloud Tags in the VSM workspace.


Activating the Public Cloud Integration

When configuring the Public Cloud Integration for the first time, additional Fact Sheet types and other changes will be applied to the Value Stream workspace automatically upon confirmation.

Scheduling your integration

For productive workspaces, the integrations run automatically during the night. For non-productive (trial) workspaces please trigger the scans manually using the "Scan now" button.