Knowledge Sharing

The LeanIX platform provides various ways to publish information to a wider audience. This page captures Dashboards, the Self-Service Portal & the Confluence Integration


LeanIX Dashboards are the easiest way to provide a use-case-specific, live view on LeanIX information directly within the workspace. Users can define various dashboards, and decide to share them or to keep them private.

See Flexible Dashboard for a deep-dive on the provided functionality

Self-Service Portal

While dashboards are an easy way to provide use-case-specific views to LeanIX users, a wider audience can be reached with a drastically simplified user experience. Self-service portals allow the LeanIX administrators to create highly specific entry points to non-LeanIX users, leveraging powerful search and easy filtering.

See Portals for a deep-dive on the provided functionality.

Confluence Integration & embedded reports

Another way to publish information into your organization is to provide live views of reports into well-established collaboration platforms like Confluence. LeanIX offers an out-of-the box Confluence Integration. In addition, all LeanIX reports can be embedded as iFrame, e.g. into Microsoft Sharepoint or Teams, or into your own web application.