Supported Cloud Services

Find out which Cloud Services are currently supported by the Public Cloud Integration for VSM

Currently Supported Cloud Services

The following table outlines the Cloud Services currently supported by our Public Cloud Integration.
For each supported Cloud Service, a Technology Fact Sheet is created in a 3-level hierarchy.

With our Public Cloud Integration, two different levels of support exist:

  1. Resource Extraction- For these Cloud Services, Compute Environments will be imported into the VSM workspace for all Cloud Resources.
  2. Service Usage- For these Cloud Services, no Compute Environments will be imported into the VSM workspace. Instead, a link will be added between the Cloud Service Technology Fact Sheet, and all Cloud Account(s) for which at least one Cloud Resource exists for that Cloud Service.
Parent TechnologyCloud ServiceLevel of Support
Compute / ServerlessAWS LambdaResource Extraction
Compute / ServerlessAzure App ServiceResource Extraction
Compute / ServerlessAzure FunctionsResource Extraction
Compute / ServerlessAzure Logic AppResource Extraction
Compute / ServerlessGoogle App EngineResource Extraction
Compute / ServerlessGoogle Cloud FunctionsResource Extraction
Compute / ServerlessGoogle Cloud RunResource Extraction
Compute / VMAWS EC2Resource Extraction
Compute / VMAzure Virtual MachineResource Extraction
Compute / VMAzure Virtual Machine Scale SetResource Extraction
Compute / VMGoogle Compute EngineResource Extraction
Storage / NoSQLAWS Dynamo DBService Usage
Storage / NoSQLAzure Cosmos DBService Usage
Storage / NoSQLGoogle Cloud BigtableService Usage
Storage / RelationalAWS RDSService Usage
Storage / RelationalAzure Database for PostgreSQLService Usage
Storage / RelationalGoogle Cloud SQLService Usage

Cloud Services Planned for the Future

Please consult the VSM Roadmap to understand which cloud services we plan to support in the future.