VSM for Development Team Members

Documentation, clear, structured and easily searchable, is a crucial part of product operations, necessary to enable new joiners as well as accelerate the collaboration and work of established teams - yet maintaining it can create an ever-growing workload. Updating pages in tools unconnected to the development environment and a potentially constantly growing backlog of older, outdated data can have the opposite effects.

Documentation Basics with VSM

The goal with VSM is to provide end-to-end transparency of your product operations, from the business view of your product down to the software deployments that it is comprised of. To this end VSM offers an adjustable baseline data model out of the box, as well as best practice views for your software landscape, business alignment and engineering metrics.

Automating your Documentation

To ensure that documentation is easier to maintain for your developers as well as ensuring it is up to date VSM offers a variety of integration options, allowing your engineers to push documentation directly from their pipelines and repositories; your operations from the cloud infrastructure they provision as well as a growing list of other sources.