Discovery - Overview

Learn how to get started with discovery within a few minutes

Value Stream Management (VSM) relies on automation. No developer wants to document things manually, especially not in a continuous delivery world. We support customers in two ways:

  • With out-of-the-box integrations, allowing you to get started extracting your data within minutes. It could be a plugin, it could be a scheduled job hosted by us
  • With powerful APIs that enable you to build your own integrations, and leverage our platform capabilities to monitor them & keep them up-to-date.

Get the right information from the right place

VSM combines information from typical phases of your software development lifecycle. The goal is to support your development team with intuitive, up-to-date documentation - so work with them to get a good understanding of what to extract how.

  • Development time - Some information like team ownership or used programming language can be pulled directly from source code repositories
  • Deployment time - pushes out of your CI/CD pipeline give an easy insight into what's deployed and when. Typically they are the easiest starting point for your documentation but need to be augmented with more information to capture all aspect
  • Runtime - in addition to deployment time information, runtime information (e.g. from Kubernetes) helps you to validate what should be live (deployment) against what is really live - helping to identify & address so-called Architecture Drift
  • Finally, information from [supporting systems (like API management, vulnerability scanners, ...) can augment development, deployment & runtime information to obtain the full picture.


Best Practice

Always get information from where they logically belong, e.g. deployment time information shouldn't come from a runtime environment like Kubernetes

Out-of-the box integrations


Azure Repos


CI/CD Setups

Enterprise Architecture Management





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