This section will introduce you to the Product section of VSM, where information on the application & product level of an organization's engineering work is maintained.

The Product space is the third of the three big areas of the LeanIX VSM tool. It captures a business & end-user perspective of an organization's development work.

At the top level VSM features a product catalog, which, similar to the other catalogs, can be customized with flexible tags.


What is a product?

With the product we want to take the perspective of enduser on the work of engineering. "What is the application being built in the end?" can be a powerful guiding question but for more complex setups looking into what endusers potentially pay for or otherwise use differentiate (i.e. if the product is a complex platform of modules) can help. Functionally each product pages aggregates information from the underlying services and serves as a hub for external information specific to the product (i.e. a roadmap in ProductBoard).

On the product page, we start with a product description and links to external sources (e.g., product-related OKRs in an external tool). Services are mapped to products and this information is used to aggregate insights directly at the product level. For example, see the Open Source Software Risk based on the percentage of supporting services with proper library information mapped.