Getting started

Learn all around how VSM works, and how you can use it

VSM is designed to foster an iterative approach to step-by-step unlock more functionality & use cases. A typical mindset around using VSM consists of the following steps:

  1. Discover - various integrations allow users to use information that is already available around the software engineering organization
  2. Contextualize & ensure quality - make sure that discovered data matters, so that people can rely on it
  3. Leverage - discovery alone doesn't create value, for this, you need either mechanisms to make information available to a broad audience, or ideally trigger immediate actions

Can I try it myself?

Sure - enables you to setup your own personal environment within minutes. The Onboarding Companion guides you through your first steps, so that you can see results within minutes.



Be encouraged to provision a demo environment

Even if you are an existing customer, a look into a personal demo environment often helps. We curate the demo data & would love to get your feedback i

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