Getting started

About VSM

Today, you can solve two main use cases with VSM that build on each other. First, set up your Service & API Catalog to create better visibility into the engineering organization. Second, back the service catalog with Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to safeguard your software supply chain.

Tomorrow, we will add further use cases such as Tech Stack Discovery to facilitate better architecture decision makings. Read all about it in our VSM Vision.

Using VSM

Want to jump right in? Follow the four steps below to get your VSM workspace set up:

  1. Discover your core information - set up a service catalog
  2. Contextualise your service catalog with ownership & product perspective
  3. Generate CycloneDX Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
  4. Map SBOMs to VSM


Provide feedback!

Reach out to us in case of questions, ideas or simply to discuss product directions. Please get in touch via [email protected]