Who should use VSM?

VSM is built to help three major user groups:

As an Member of a Product Team, your daily job is to build software. Most likely, you will be working in a combination of different roles, e.g. Engineers, Product Managers or UX Experts. Our goal is to simplify your life by automating documentation, helping you with governance tasks, improving knowledge exchange & providing insights into engineering and business metrics. Most importantly, our goal is to embed into your daily job as good as possible.

As a Product Leader, your daily job is to help your teams build software as efficiently as possible, and to collaborate with customers & peers from the business side. Our goal is to help you understand your product organisation, simplify distributed governance & to provide transparency that helps in your business communication.

As an Enterprise Architect, your daily job is to optimize the Application landscape of your company, bridging different stakeholders and much more. Our goal is to help you to automate the intake for self-developed software, but even more important to ensure a common language with your Product IT peers

Finally, as an VSM for Admins there is a detailed user guide for you how to help the mentioned roles above.